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Buy Cash Or Mortgage - Go To AppCalculator or Tutorial

Buy With Cash or Mortgage. Many Investors buy Cash Only (LTV 0%) but is it Better to Buy using Your Cash & a Mortgage? Buy Cash Or Mortgage compares the results of buying Cash Only or combining Your Cash with 5 Different Loan-To-Value (LTV) Mortgages starting at 0%, which means Leveraging Your Cash.

Fewer Properties = More Wealth - Go To AppCalculator or Tutorial

Fewer Properties = More Wealth demonstrates the Effect of Buying Numbers of Properties with a Finite Amount of Investment Cash. Unless you can achieve NMLI, No Money Left In, thereby preserving Your Capital Pot, every Property you buy involves Transaction Costs that progressively reduce your Capital Pot.

Rent Margin = More Cash? - Go To AppCalculator or Tutorial

Rent Margin = More Cash? The Rent Margin or Loan-To-Rent Ratio is an Affordability/Stress Test applied by Lenders before agreeing to a Mortgage to make sure that you can pay the Interest on your Mortgage out of the Rent. When your Property is Valued for Mortgage Purposes, the Valuer will Include in their Report a Market Rental Value and may also apply a Higher Rate of Interest to their Margin Calcs. This can result in a Cash Shortfall.

Rent, Gain Or Both - Go To AppCalculator or Tutorial

Rent, Gain or Both. Both Returns are available to a Buy-To-Let Investor, but generally High Rents/Yields = Low Gain (Increasing Values) & High Gain = Low % Yields (Rents). Rent, Gain Or Both lets you to compare the difficulty of trying to operate a High Yield Strategy & a High Gain Strategy in the Same Property, Neighbourhood & possibly Location and Achieve Best Returns.