About the Resources

PIO Online Material Criteria

Property Investor Online (PIO) includes a number of Valuable Property Investor Resources

Online Apps & Calculators that you can use to stress-test the Individual Ingredients that make up a Property Investment Strategy.

Analysers that you can use to stress-test a Strategy that combines a number of Ingredients.

Tutorials that go into and explain the detail & thinking behind the stress-tested results.

PIO is also linked to useful informative material that is published & freely available on the Net.

The purpose is to provide you with the widest possible selection of opinions on different aspects of Property Investment from a variety of speakers & trainers that we think are well-informed, even expert in their subject, subject to our disclaimer below.

All Material

All material is categorised, rated 1-10 & includes tags for cross-referencing purposes.

All material is reviewed to assist you in making the decision to view/read/listen or not. Our policy is that two thirds of the content of any material should be education/training.


In addition to title, producer, speaker, date loaded & length, our review includes time spent on intro, promo, Q&A, plus speaker & screen quality.


In addition to our 1-10 rating, if applicable included in the review section is either a "good" or "must" watch/read recommendation based on the training value of the content. "Good" or “Must Watch” videos must be good quality, content rich and easy to follow & watch. In the case of written material, “Watch” is replaced with “Read” and the same criteria applied.


There are a number of videos produced, presented, or both, by people alleged to have, or been found guilty of, committing a crime that may be relevant to property investment. For example: fraud, but not assault. These videos can have valuable training content but because, in most cases, the presenter/speaker is "promoting" a "paid for" service/product, if PIO knows about the matter, the criminal aspect is flagged up.


All comments made by PIO in respect of any material linked to the site are made in respect of the material alone and its stand-alone value for training purposes and is not an endorsement of the producer, speaker, author or their businesses.

Due Diligence

If, having viewed, read or listened to any material on or linked to PIO you decide to buy a product/service from either the producer, speaker or author, that decision should only be taken having carried out proper due diligence. Generally, our opinion is that the material does/would not constitute "proper" due diligence.


Only testimonials entered online in PIO are accepted because, in most cases, testimonials are pure "promo", don't relate to the online material, are visibly videoed on the day of the event and invariably are only "good".


Are only included if they meet our two thirds education/training criteria. Interviews talking solely about the interviewees business are not included.