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David Humphreys is a Trainer, Mentor, Lecturer, Author, plus Prolific Excel Developer & Investor with over 40 years’ Property Investment experience, and still a Nice Guy!

David has appeared on BBC Radio, Bloomberg & Sky TV, written, and continues to write, numerous articles for both the retail & trade press, delivered Seminars & Lectures at Property Investment Exhibitions & Network Meetings and trained thousands of student investors who attended his Advanced 1-Day Workshops, Auction Masterclass and Tigrent’s Advanced 3-Day Trainings since 2002.

Before becoming a Full Time Trainer/Mentor & Investor, David ran his own Letting & Management Agency specialising in Holiday Lets and today specialises in buying and fixing up distressed property, mostly bought at auction, either to become NMLI tax-free lets and/or sold for Capital Gain.

David is passionate about property investment but very conscious of the inherent risks resulting from high level borrowings, which is his raison d’etre for promoting good, quality, affordable education & training and is expert in recognising both other experts and the wannabes.


PIO carries a limited amount of advertising, which ideally is topic specific, from suppliers who PIO is prepared to endorse.

By "topic specific" we mean that we would advertise a mortgage broker in the "money" or "strategy" sections of videos, but not in the "letting" section.

Subject to terms, we also allow a supplier to "sponsor" a relevant section, in which case, except for the sponsor, no additional advertising is published in that section.

Affiliate Marketing

When PIO publishes a link to your material PIO expects to become an Affiliate, receiving a commission on any sales of "paid for" material that PIO introduces terms & percentages to be agreed.