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Data Entry

Apps use IPhone keyboards

Calculators & Analysers mostly use Widgets & Dropdown Lists on larger screen IPads, Lap & Desktops 

Software Use

Apps & Calculators let you stress-test single topics to see the effect of making either/or decisions.

Analysers combine a number of relevant App/Calculator topics into a Strategy to help you achieve your aims & objectives.

Forms - In all cases screen forms are completed & calculated online. Completed forms can be downloaded & printed.

Buy To Let 4-Strategy Analyser

Buy To Let is one of the Most Complex Forms of Investment, because it is both Multi-Faceted and based on the premise of using Borrowed Money (Mortgages) at Different Percentage Loan To Property Value (LTV's).

Buy To Let can be likened to a Fruit Cake, a Product which includes a Variety of Ingredients.

Not Only does the Choice of Ingredient affect the Result but also the Quantity, Weight & Measure used. The Perfect Fruit Cake does Not Exist because Perfection is down to Your Taste.

Likewise, the Perfect Buy To Let Strategy does Not Exist because Perfection is down to Your Personal Aims, Objectives & Requirements.

A 25-year-old Investor's Requirements will be Very Different to a 50-year-old Investor and yet Both can be Perfect.

The Buy-To-Let Strategy Analyser helps you make YOUR Perfect Fruit Cake !

Auction Hot Lots Yield Analyser

The Auction Hot Lots Analyser Includes A Maximum Bid Calculator.

When Bidding on Auction Lots, it is important to try and achieve 1 or ideally 2 Aims & Objectives.

1: A Bid that will Return Your Strategic Gross Yield. Higher Bids Return Lower Gross Yields.

2: A Bid that, following Fix-Up & Re-Mortgage, will release all the Cash you have Invested in the Project and Achieve NMLI, enabling you to repeat the Strategy without relying on Market Driven Gain for Re-Mortgaging, plus, with No Money Left In, an Unlimited Return.

High Bids require High LTV %'s to achieve NMLI, which may not be possible unless your Fix Up Spec considerably increases the Fixed Up Value over your Bid Price.

The Hot Lots Analyser calculates Max Bids for 2 Different Strategies.

  1. NMLI - No Money Left In after Fix Up & Re-Mortgage @ 3 LTV %'s
  2. TGY - Achieve Your Target Gross Yield @ 3 LTV %'s applying both Market & LHA Rents

Both Include using Bridging Finance and Calculate the Cash Cost of Your Max Bid @ 2 LTV %'s